Skrillex feat justin bieber & Don toliver – Dont go

singer skrillex feat justin bieber & don toliver in a hit single , song tittled “Dont go”, available to download here just a single click


  1. [Intro: Justin Bieber]
    Don’t go, don’t—
    Don’t go, don’t go
    Don’t go, don’t—
    Don’t go

    [Verse 1: Justin Bieber]
    My Mona Lisa, baby, my masterpiece, bae (My masterpiece)
    When I’m in pieces, baby, you give me peace of mind
    You tell me, “We’ll be fine,” you always get me right
    When it’s dark, you’re my light
    Baby, that’s why I need you on the regular (Baby, that’s why I need you on the regular)
    And if it wasn’t you, no, it would never work (No, it would never work)
    Got me goin’ out my way to show you what you’re worth
    Don’t go (Don’t go)

    [Chorus: Justin Bieber]
    I put in the work to hear you say (Don’t go, don’t—)
    Misery missin’ your company (Don’t go, don’t go)
    See ’em pullin’ at you that way (Don’t go, don’t—)
    Ooh, if this is where you’re supposed to be (Don’t go)

    [Verse 2: Justin Bieber & Don Toliver]
    I woke up in the city, I ain’t seen your face
    Almost lost my mind, medication (Woah)
    Five stars for participation (Yeah), it’s a COVID operation (Woo)
    Hope you hear this where your stationed (Stationed)
    I lost my Bonnie, by that time, you already banged it (Banged it)
    She armed and dangerous, that long hair got me tangled up
    You are my Topanga, stood your ground, even when they aimed at us (Yeah, yeah)
    Even through all of that pain, none of it was in vain (None of it was in vain, yeah)
    And I’m proud of who you’ve become, hope you feel the same (The same, yeah)
    Frozen, don’t let me go (Don’t go, don’t—), but let it go, please
    We’ve been so close, don’t go ghostin’ me (Don’t go, don’t go)
    My vital OG, that’s all on the record, you make me better (Don’t go)



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